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On Monday, Oct. 30th, I turned in my Speak-Out in to the Cadillac News. I, personally, gave it to a News Reporter to read and approve. He said that someone else would have to make the decision whether the paper would print it or not. After several calls, I finally got a decision on November 2nd at 4:23PM; four days later!
I was told by Mr. Seward that one of the problems was in the first paragraph, where I said it was "political payback." He said I couldn't prove that! I pointed out that statement was in my resignation letter of November 2, 2015, and the newspaper had printed it. My resignation letter supported my statement. The next point was that "they" didn't like my statements about the Civil Service Commission. I pointed out that I was quoting what the chairman of that commission stated in your newspaper and you printed it on August 19, 2017.
At that point, the discussion went south.
Please read my resignation letter and this Speak-Out and form your own opinion. It seems we citizens in the Cadillac Area don't have first amendment rights, only the Cadillac News does!
I would like to leave you with a John McCain quote: "Without a free press, the pillar of our democracy is lost."

Douglas W Mellema
Former Council Member

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